Time To Take That Vacation Road Trip

Time To Take That Vacation Road Trip

Lately, have you found yourself staring out the window daydreaming of being on a warm sunny beach, watching the tide come in while sipping on a margarita? You are thinking maybe it is time for a road trip. Flying is an option, but the feel of the road is appealing.

Where to Go

Florida comes to mind immediately. You have some vacation time on the books so you immediately start thinking of where to go in the sunny state. Fort Lauderdale is a great choice for a laid-back vacation, but Orlando has so much to offer with all of its attractions. Cape Kennedy has The Space Center. This daydream is turning out to be several destinations, so this is going to take some planning.

Getting the Car Ready

The first thing is how to get ready for the road. Since you have decided to drive, you will need to have your car checked out by a mechanic to be sure it is roadworthy. Remember that fender bender after you forgot to pay your insurance (and it lapsed), so you need to go apply for an online SR22 insurance form. Having this form with you will be handy in case you are stopped by a patrolman for any reason. This tells them you are currently covered by car insurance when they look up your driving record.


Now it is time to budget this trip. Go online and see what accommodations are available in each location as well as the price. Some travel sites offer discounts. Look up the admission price of each attraction you wish to visit. A gas allowance will be determined by mileage and gasoline prices. Gas prices can vary greatly from state to state, location to location, and day to day. Pick an average daily distance cost and pad about ten percent just to be safe.

Next is the food expense. Set a daily three meal budget cost that also includes a night out at an exclusive restaurant. If you enjoy an active nightlife, this expense should be a separate line item in your budget under entertainment. Plan a little extra for gifts.

What to Pack

Next is planning what clothing to take with you on your road trip. Take into account the seasonal weather and temperature. You will want to pack casual clothing for the day as well as comfortable evening wear that is suitable for where you will be dining. Mix and match outfits to keep the packing light. Don’t forget your bathing suit if you are going to enjoy the beach or pool. Remember to pack the appropriate shoes for the different types of excursions you will be enjoying.
Toiletries are a fact of life, so don’t forget your toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant, shampoo, and any other personal items. Packing a small first aid kit is always a good idea. Having accessories such as jewelry, hats, and scarves can help to extend your wardrobe.

Take the time to create a day by day agenda, including a map, where you are staying each day, your planned activities (including those that need reservations) and your budget for the day. List travel times to each destination. Charge your cell phone before you leave. Bring water and snacks for the road.

Make this your best getaway yet. Don’t let insurance problems get in the way of a great road trip. Your agent will help you with any forms or extra coverage you may need. Just remember to take pictures and get a few souvenirs for friends and family. Bon Voyage!