5 Apps that Changed Travel for Good

app changed travel

5 Apps that Changed Travel for Good

Technology is changing the world, communication is better, service is better and for travellers technology is having a huge impact. 

These 5 Apps have made the life of travelling so much easier, in fact they’ve made life in general much easier for people. But for travellers not only have things become easier, these apps have changed the norm enabling them to lead lifestyles that would have otherwise have been impossible.



Everyone knows Uber was a game changer! But the impact it’s had on travellers has been huge. When in a new country you want to feel secure, public transport can me difficult and you also don’t want to get ripped off by Taxis. Before Uber game along there was no alternative. Providing a cheaper, safer and far more convenient alternative to Taxis Uber saved all these problems!



The pioneer of video-calling technology changed the lives on many when video-calling entered the mainstream. Video calls make people feel closer and distances smaller. Just to think 10 years ago 3 travelling would mean know visual contact with friends or family.

Skypes service providing loved ones with the technology to make them feel closer not only helped maintained relationships with friends and family but also helped build new ones. Opening the doors for long-distance relationships that may not have otherwise been possible.


Google Translate

Another App that has made new friendships possible. Let’s be realistic that broken spanish wasn’t getting you anywhere before google translate stepped in. With the language skills at your fingertips google translate helps travellers communicate with other people, build new friendships and even get them out of trouble when they are mis-interpreted.



Airbnb has allowed millions of travellers to enter and experience community life that would have otherwise been impossible. Living as a local was an impossible feat for short-term travellers before. Prior to airbnb there was a choice between hotels or hostels, neither of wish provide real opportunities to mix with locals. For long-term travellers its had even more of impact, travellers can jump from country to country while maintaining the needs and comforts of a home. It has also made long term budget travel both more comfortable and more accessible.


Google Maps

Another App from Google! This app changed travel because Google Maps just makes life so much easier. Whether your trying to walk home after a hard night out or you simply want to visit a bar, restaurant or sight in the city, you know google has got your back! It is also possible to look up addresses and pre-mark on the map, combine this with the fact that you do not need the internet for GPS system to run and this is one hell of a useful tool! The



Tinder has become such a popular app around the world that it is actually pretty useful tool to just meet people. This is especially useful when landing in a new city, it’s also good for people who want to date and have limited time and don’t get a chance to meet people but also for English speakers in a new country who would prefer to date other English speakers. This phone App changed travel in its unique way.


app changed travel