5 Reasons Why Bangkok is One of the Most Popular Cities in the World

5 Reasons Why Bangkok is One of the Most Popular Cities in the World

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a city full of popular attractions, culture and a range of exciting cuisine. Here are just five reasons why Bangkok is regarded as one of the most popular cities in the world.

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The Cuisine

Many choose to visit Bangkok for its endless stream of popular cuisine, with many foods being sourced from around the world. There are many ways to sample the local dishes such as visiting one of the street markets which are full to the brim of adventurous, fresh and tasty foods. Popular dishes include spicy soups and salads, fried rice and noodles as well as a range of freshly cooked meats, ensuring there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds when in Bangkok.

The Culture

With so many famous landmarks and historical sites to see, Bangkok is engrossed with history. Taking a trip to The Grand Palace enables you to soak up the royal heritage of the city with the palace once being home to the king of Thailand. However, bear in mind that there is a strict dress code policy in place which requires men and women to be covered and dressed modestly.

The Nightlife

If you are looking for somewhere to drink and let loose, Bangkok is the city for you. With a vast selection of bars, clubs and street parties, there is something to suit everybody, no matter your preference. Also, with many areas around Bangkok offering different nightlife experiences, be sure to research into the types of music and attractions you enjoy ensuring you have the best time possible.

The Locals

Mixing in and getting to know the residents of Bangkok is a great way to get the most out of your experience. Immersing yourself with the locals can help regarding finding information on where is best to eat, the best attractions to see as well as getting tips and tricks that can put you ahead of other tourists. Many say the locals of Bangkok are friendly so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The Hotels

No matter your budget, finding somewhere to stay in Bangkok could not be easier. With a vast selection of hotels, flats and apartments to choose from, you are spoilt for choice and can get incredibly good value for money. Ensure that you book early to get the best deals possible and to do as much research as you can to take advantage of any special offers or discounts available. Bangkok prides itself on its variety of high end hotels so if you are looking for luxury, you are sure to find it in Bangkok. Also, getting to Bangkok could not be easier with a selection of daily international flights. For example, going on websites such as Yatra can help you find Kolkata to Bangkok flight tickets at low price.

Whatever you decide to do when in Bangkok, there are attractions and landmarks to suit all needs. If you need more information, there are many travel forums online where you can find first hand reviews from tourists who have visited the city.