Stunning Countries Which Are the Least Visited Across the World

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Stunning Countries Which Are the Least Visited Across the World

Every year when people plan for holidays, they always end up at the regular holiday destinations, popular for the activities they offer. But did you know there are many countries in the world that are the least visited? Yet, they are simply stunning, with breath-taking views, rich culture and lifestyle, offering a variety of activities you can indulge into. Discover some of these countries below.

Monserrat, The Caribbean

Fans of The Caribbean islands? Check out Monserrat, one of them and the least visited! This British Overseas Territory is known due to the Soufriere Hills Volcano. But that’s not all. If you love snorkelling or diving, it is a perfect destination. It is also known as “The Emerald Isle” since the 17th century when Irish settlers reached there.

Don’t miss the celebration of St Patrick’s Day at Monserrat! It is the biggest attraction that includes lots of entertainment and festivities. It is also a great occasion to discover the island’s rich Irish culture and heritage. If you also enjoy small town living, Monserrat is the perfect place to be. Immerse yourself in its rich local culture for a great escape.

French Guiana, South America

When you think of South America, you probably associate it with famous spots like Brazil, Mexico or Argentina. However, do you know that French Guiana is also a nice holiday spot? Visit this French Overseas Territory if you are in search of exotic locations with a modern touch. Feel the authentic French culture with its cafes and cuisine. This destination is mainly composed of tropical rainforests, but you can also see colourful Creole houses and street markets.

Discover Vietnamese or Chinese food at some places. Enjoy breath-taking views and don’t be shy to take photos and selfies! The town is simply photogenic with evergreen wooden buildings. So, it is a perfect escape for those who want to go far from the hectic life of big metropolitan cities. Enjoy shopping at the many shops found in the palm-filled main square, Place des Palmistes. Relax on the Atlantic coast beaches lined up near the Rémire-Montjoly suburb.

Liechtenstein, Europe

Planning for a holiday during winter? Head to Liechtenstein, Europe! It is Europe’s second least visited country. Still, it offers stunning mountain sceneries. Kitty Bingo also offers a variety of equally stunning online slots that players are not aware of, such as Asgardian Stones Slot or Pixies of the Forest Slot.

If you are a fan of hiking or mountain biking, these mountains are simply perfect. Enjoy your favourite winter sports in this German-speaking country. In the mood for sightseeing? Check out the Valduz Castle, a 12th century fortress! Discover the country’s rich culture and heritage with galleries of modern and contemporary art. Learn about the national history as well at the Liechtenstein National Museum.

Bhutan, Asia

Want to discover a unique country? Visit Bhutan in Asia! Located on Himalayas’ eastern edge, it is known for its monasteries and fortresses. You will be stunned to see dramatic landscapes consisting of subtropical plains, steep mountains and valleys. If you enjoy trekking, head to the High Himalayas where you can find the Jomolhari mountain.

Remember to go there with a smile on your face! Because according to the Gross National Happiness Index, almost everyone in Bhutan is content. Check out the Paro and Punaka valleys for verdant hills and crystal-clear rivers. Above the Paro valley, find the Paro Taktsang monastery, also known as Tiger’s Nest, clinging to the cliffs.

Although these destinations are the least visited in the world, they still offer a great escape. They also provide fun activities that you can enjoy with friends and family. So, the next time you plan a holiday, take a look at these least visited countries to spend a memorable time.