The Most Relaxing Tourist Spots in the US

The Most Relaxing Tourist Spots in the US

It’s one of the ironies in life that flying overseas for your holiday can also be one of the most stressful times you can have. It helps that you know some convenient and money-saving hacks like affordable BWI airport parking alternatives while you’re leaving Baltimore for sunny beaches in Asia. But airport security can be vexing, and you can encounter issues with your luggage, your hotel reservations, and even with locals when you’re not familiar with the language. 

If you’re already in the US, you may want to instead focus on traveling within the country’s borders so that you can have a more relaxing holiday. It also helps if you pick a nice soothing tourist destination to go to. Of course, it can’t be a dead town with nothing to do and see, as boredom can cause stress on its own. A relaxing tourist spot should offer a tranquil setting, but it should also offer exciting sights and activities should you feel a bit frisky. 

Here are some great spots you can try to visit for a chill vacation:

Boulder, Colorado

Quite a few people have expected to see Colorado as a more popular destination for local tourists, as the state has legalized recreational weed. Although that’s one way to relax, the fact is that Boulder has always been a cool place to chill due to its gorgeous scenery that can help soothe away your tension. You can just bask in the outdoors and do nothing but breathe, read a book, and enjoy a nice cold brew. 

It’s also a very hassle-free college town with lots of restaurants for foodies. Culture lovers will also love the art galleries in the area. Just be as chill as the place and its residents, and you’ll feel the stress disappear. 

Taos, New Mexico

There’s no doubting the serenity that Taos projects at its location at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The whole town is beautiful, and the very air offers a tranquil atmosphere. Here you can find out more about the local Native American culture, with plenty of museums, galleries, and pueblos to visit. You also won’t get bored here as the area offers plenty of outdoor activities. 

Lake George, New York

When you’re going on a vacation to this area, you actually have several charming towns to choose from along the shores of Lake George in New York. The views are breathtaking yet they can help you find peace that’s so lacking in places as NYC. You can enjoy a ferry boat ride along the lake, though even just lounging lazily by the water can be appealing. 

Port Townsend, Washington

If you’re already in Seattle and tired of the urban scene, you can take a 2-hour drive to Port Townsend and enjoy this seaside town. It’s famous for its boating scene, and you can always take a nice boat ride to enjoy the open space of the calm waters. 

Inland, the town also offers a vibrant art and culture scene. Local food items are fantastic, you can find live music, and the locals are friendly. 

Whitefish, Montana

For many urbanites along the coast, the very concept of the state of Montana can already give feeling of serenity brought by the open outdoor space. But Whitefish Mountain is a special spot, as the great views are accompanied by exciting outdoor activities. During the summer, you have fishing, hiking, and mountain biking to help challenge you and to really let you enjoy the scenery. During the winter, you have skiing. Boredom is not a problem here at all.