Four Tips for Travelling Solo in Israel

Four Tips for Travelling Solo in Israel

While traveling by yourself is a great way to make sure that you get to experience everything that you want in a foreign country without being slowed down by someone else, it can be daunting. Even though Israel is a safe country for travelers, it can still be a bit intimidating to head out on a solo trip. Following these tips will help to ensure that you have a great experience traveling by yourself in Israel and that you feel safe, happy, and experience everything you want to when on your trip. 

Plan Ahead for Shabbat

One problem that many solo travelers run into when they come to Israel for the first time is that they do not plan ahead for Shabbat. From sunset on Friday to sunrise on Saturday it is common for most shops and restaurants to close, as well as for public transportation to stop. Being aware of this and having a plan for how you will get back to your room and what you will eat will prevent you from accidentally getting stranded. In Tel Aviv, however, there are many markets and restaurants that will remain open. 

Stay Safe on the Road

In general, Israel is a very safe country for travelers, even those who are on their own. However, any traveler who feels nervous about seeing the sites by themselves will want to book a private tour in Israel. There are a few benefits to doing this. One is that you will get to see exactly what you want to without having to worry about booking your own transportation. The other benefit is that you will have a personal guide who is there to help you and who will keep you from accidentally getting lost when on the road. 

Learn a Few Key Phrases

Many people don’t know that it’s very common to hear English is spoken in Israel, which can be a huge relief to any person who is on their own seeing the sites. Although it’s generally easy to find help in English, it’s also a very good idea to spend a little time practicing important phrases. This will ensure that if you are in trouble and need medical help or are lost, you can get assistance, even if you can’t find someone who speaks English. It’s always best to plan ahead in this situation so that you can be safe. 

Make Sure to Dress Appropriately

There are many places in Israel where you will need to wear appropriate clothing. It’s important to always plan ahead so that you are able to change, if necessary, and this is even more important when traveling solo. Since you won’t have someone who can run back to your room for you to pick up a different item of clothing, you need to plan ahead. 

While solo travel in any country is a little intimidating, it’s perfectly safe and a lot of fun to travel by yourself in Israel. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that you are prepared for your trip and that you know how to stay safe and fully enjoy yourself.