The Best Places in The World for Swimming with Whale Sharks

swimming with whale sharks

The Best Places in The World for Swimming with Whale Sharks

Swimming alongside these majestic beasts as they glide through the water can be the ultimate marine experience! Travel during the right season and some locations in the world play host to such a large concentration of whale sharks you are likely to spot more than one and perhaps you’ll to see many.

In comparison to swimming with Wild Dolphins in the sea, Whale-sharks are much easier to follow. Their sheer size makes them easy to spot and since they caress the water elegantly usually in one direction they are much easier to keep up! I found the experience to be quite overwhelming but relaxing at the same time.

swimming with whale sharks

Here are the best places for swimming with whale sharks:


Donsol, The Philippines

Peak Season: February to April

Over 500 kilometres away from The Philippines buzzing capital Manila, is the beach town of Donsol. Previously a small fishing village Donsol has been blessed with having the one of the highest concentrations of Whale Shark Visitors each year.

The whale sharks brought with them economic prosperity to Donsol since being their discovery in 1998 with Donsol becoming one of the Philippines premier tourist destinations.

Despite the number of tourists, Donsol remains a tranquil sleepy town and is an extremely pleasant trip away from the capital! Besides being one of the best places in the world for swimming with whale sharks.


Ihla Holbox, Mexico

Peak Season: July & August

Located North of Mexico’s Yucatan’s Peninsula sat perfectly in the Caribbean Coast is the picture perfect. Isla Holbox has seen a recent boom in tourism over the past few years and is being described as ‘The Next Big Thing.’ My advice, get there now before things change!

People are discovering the islands diverse wildlife and rich marine life, while enjoying the islands tranquil setting and white sand Caribbean beaches. Tourists to the island can spot animals such as Flamingo’s, Pelicans, Sea Turtles. But by far Isla Holbox’s biggest attraction is its Whale Shark Population.

With one of the largest concentrations in the world during this season the Whale Sharks can often be seen in larger numbers. Snorkeling trips are not hard to comeby in the town centre and often guarantee you will be swimming with Whale Sharks or give your money back!

Ningaloo Reef, Australia

Peak Season: March to July

The coast of Western Australia is home to the World Heritage Site Ningaloo Coast. Along that coastline spreading 260 km in length is the largest fringing coral reef in the continent, Ningaloo Reef.

Rich in Marine life Ningaloo reef is a fantastic place to dive where you can spot dolphins, manta rays and even Dugongs! But just as the other places on the list Ningaloo Reef is famous for its high concentration of Whale Sharks. The local tour companies are in fact so confident in their service they claim a 95% success rate during peak season to spot Whale Sharks on your first expedition.

The only place you can dive with whale sharks in Australia, it has been reported that 20,000 people a year come to visit with the Whale Sharks in Ningaloo. Plan well ahead!