Simple steps on becoming a Digital Nomad

Simple steps on becoming a Digital Nomad

This infographic focuses on being a digital nomad, the graphic also provides you simple steps on how you can embark on your new adventure. First step, find the right course for you, from digital marketing courses to developing/coding courses to translating. Digital Nomad World have got a variety of courses and remote jobs available so sign up via our website.

What does being a Digital Nomad actually mean? It means you work fully remote, you can travel to different locations, be in a different county and still work and continue your passion. By doing this you can manage your own working hours, as well as adventure out to fulfil your day.

Paint yourself a picture, you’re working in Bali doing the work you love, in your hours out of work you explore the city. If you’re looking for a Bali city guide, we’ve got you covered!

This infographic gives you a few facts about being a digital nomad, I bet you didn’t know that 70% of the general digital nomad population work no more than 40 hours per week and 49% of them earn the same salary or even more than the average person.

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